Children’s Disco Party

Our Children's Disco Party service from Kids Disco Hire offers children’s discos with children’s entertainer for all ages.

As we do a lot more than just play the music and consider ourselves to be renowned for our children’s entertainment.

We provide entertainment with games and competitions (if needed) at our Children's Disco Party.

We use the very best equipment including bubble machines and smoke also available (venue permitting).

Our experienced dj’s specialize in kids discos and love to play traditional games involving the adults too.

You will find our Children's Disco Parties operating at the majority of schools in the local area.

Kids Disco Hire How it works

For the younger ages, Kids Disco Hire normally operate a 2 hour disco with games and dancing competitions.

A short break in the middle for some food and the birthday cake and then back to more entertainment.

We usually split this up into 45 Minutes of games then around 30 minutes for food and another 45 minutes of fun and games.

You can sit back and rest assured the children will be kept busy, unless you want to participate, we find the children love to have that bond with the adults.

We understand that at some ages children become too cool for some games and we always adapt the entertainment to suit the ages.

If the children just want to dance and have fun with out playing any games this is also a great idea too.

We always carry all the up to date chart songs which the children can relate to, as well as all the traditional songs that we all know and love.

Our kids disco hire entertainment service is a great way to entertain your children, allowing all their friends to join in the fun and games making a memorable occasion for everyone to remember.

We always encourage all the children to take part in the fun and games, but this isn’t always possible, therefore would then invite the children to participate in a way the feel most comfortable with, perhaps but holding the microphone or such like.

Kids Disco Hire

We have been entertaining children for over 20 years, we work with special needs and work with charities too.
Every party we do is different, people want different things.

Here at Kids Disco Hire we welcome that fact, we like to think we go the extra mile to produce an event that is memorable and something that everyone enjoys.

The Disco Dance Game - This game will get your guests moving their feet as fast as possible!

It's easy to play this game with just one person. Simply stand facing each other and tap out a beat on your foot. If you want to make it more challenging, try playing with two people. One player taps his/her foot while the other does the same thing. Then, when both players are ready, they start tapping their feet together.


What a fantastic Children's Disco service you run - "went beyond all expectations"

Many thanks for making our children's party go with a bang. Fantastic music & games

Kept the kids entertained at 5 years old, that is a special talent, thank you.

Kids Disco Hire